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Etude Somalis and Abyssinians

Etude Somalis is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in ruddy and silver somalis.

The Somali is an active, intelligent cat with a charming appearance. Ruddy Somalis are often compared to a little fox with a deep red fur tipped with black, a full ruff and bushy tail. A silver somali is an arctic fox with a silvery background and dramatic black-tipped fur. Somalis, like Abys, are exuberant cats, with a zest for life. They love to run, jump and climb and often play like kittens for their entire lives. They are extroverted and very social and are interested   in taking part in your life, watching the world from the vantage point of your shoulder, or the top of a bookshelf, trilling at you to ensure you know they are present.

We generally have two to three litters of kittens each year, and strive for healthy, well-adjusted cats that make wonderful pets. All of our cats are part of our daily life. Our kittens are raised underfoot and get lots of attention, making them sweet and lovable.

To get the type we want in our Somalis, we occasionally out cross to Abyssinian cats, which produces some Abyssinian kittens.