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GP (CFA), QGCA (TICA) Sunfox Gloria Estefawn of Etude

Photo of Steffi

Steffi is our first Somali and first Grand. We purchased her to show in Premiership from Sunfox Somalis in southern California. Steffi is a great ambassador for the Somali breed, she has a wonderful sunny personality, always happy and cheerful, it's always a sunny day where ever she goes.

Steffi's Pedigree
(CH Dushara Possible Water Sprite x GC, RW Pirouette's Shadow Dancer)

More photos of Steffi
Video of Steffi

Show awards:
- 2008: TICA, Mid-Pacific Region - Best Somali Alter
- 2007: TICA, Mid-Pacific Region - Best Somali Alter

Last updated - September 15, 2011.